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k12.ed.math is a newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of mathematics instruction in the kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. You might also be interested in the k12groups.org site, about all the newsgroups in the k12.* hierarchy.

You can find the following info here:

  • The newsgroup charter: explains the origin of the newgroup, its purpose and how to participate.
  • Faq-O-MATIC : Check it out !! All readers of k12.ed.math can particpate in maintaining this FAQ.
    The Faq-O-MATIC answers questions such as how to participate in the newsgroup, the moderation process, how articles are posted, what are some of the frequently discussed topics and more.
  • A somewhat out of date FAQ
  • Would you like to offer files for download? You can send them to the moderator's e-mail at kem-moderator@k12groups.org, and they can be posted on this website for download.

to contact the k12.ed.math moderator
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