Orange County Half Marathon … done!

So yesterday was the 2007 OC Half Marathon from Newport Center up to the Irvine Spectrum. Actually, there was a full marathon too, but I’m saving that for March in L.A.

Here we were at about Mile 7 (a little over half-way through the race). I’m afraid I’m blocking Miriam from view. Oops!:

We were expecting a cold morning (for Southern California) yesterday…

… mid-40s. But it certainly didn’t feel that cold, or else I was super hyped. I was just in my shorts and short-sleeve top and felt perfectly fine.

It was a chipped race, which was good, because the traffic approaching the race was bad and we were running a few minutes late. We got there about 30 minutes before the race, and still had to find my running group, warm-up, stretch, porta-potty and get in position for the race.

We were in the porta-potty lines 15 minutes before gun-start-time. As I was shoving Clif Sports Blocks and Fig Newtons into my pockets they were singing the national anthem. We (my sister-in-law, Miriam) and I were making our way towards the start line. But the gun went off before we were in position. We crossed the start about 2 minutes after gun-time.

We ran a pretty fast race. The first mile was a bit slow, because we were behind a lot of people, but it was still under a 9-minute mile and we picked it up pretty quickly. We had a number of miles well-below 8-minute pace.

By mile 7 the Garmin was showing us running at an 8:02 average pace.

However, Miriam has been having shin problems this past week, and started having pain in the last 2 or so miles. She even told me to go on without her, but I wanted us to finish together, so we slowed especially in miles 12 and 13.

We still have a very good finish and crossed together at 1:47:51, which is an 8:14 average pace.

I got 8th place in my division (F 45-49) and Miriam got 13th place in her division (F 25-29).

Here we are approaching the finish line area:

Here we are coming into the finish line:

And here is a “finish photo” that was actually taken over an hour after we finished…oops!

So, it looks like we will probably do a half-marathon together again next month on Feb. 4th (Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon)

She is still having some qualms about injuries for the marathon and it is possible that she will not run the L.A. Marathon with me, or that she will start it and pull out if she gets injured. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will be able to heal and be OK to do the race with me.

I am very lucky and feel great (I had been having knee problems a while back, but they seem to have healed). Yesterday I felt like I could still run some more, even after the race. Today I only managed to get in 2 miles for a run. Oh well, plenty of time for more running later. We have a 20-miler scheduled for this coming weekend…

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