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So, on August 24, 2008 I upgraded to Leopard. Been wanting to, but wasn’t sure it was going to end up providing me with all the functionality I needed. Anyhow, had a near fiasco on that Sunday, where Tiger let me drag my own home directory into the Applications folder. Yikes. Talk about my computer suddenly forgetting who I am, all my passwords, all my preferences, etc… Borked!!! Panic!

With my hubby’s help I managed to figure out where the files had disappeared to and sort it out. I backed a lot of data up in the process before moving too much around, and so figured this was a good time to upgrade to Leopard, since a lot of the iPod Touch apps I was interested in (or their desktop counterparts) require Leopard for certain features. Basically, Leopard is required for more and more stuff, so… I took the plunge.

I’m happy to report that mostly everything is working well for me. …

My printer works, which is what had scared me off of the upgrade in the first place. I’d heard about so many people who did the upgrade and then couldn’t print. Well, plus that happened to both my daughter and spouse on their laptops when they did the Leopard upgrade a few months back.

There are some interface changes, though. Some things just don’t look or behave the same in a very nice way. I’m particularly annoyed with changes to iCal’s interface. Below is a feedback I sent to Apple, for whatever it may be worth (probably not much). I’m adjusting, I guess. I’ve been using the weekly view a lot more than I used to. Whatever.

Subject: Re: Leopard’s iCal “improvements”…
Feedback Type: Design/Ease of Use

I have been using Mac OS X since and I have used iCal extensively and loved it.

But I just upgraded to Leopard 10.5.4 this past Friday, and I am now finding it extremely painful to enter new events in iCal. Why in the world did the info drawer get removed? Now on the Month view, which I use almost exclusively, it is a PITA to enter new events. I used to just right-click and pick “New” and it would let me tab through all the entries on the info drawer and easily enter them. But no more. Now I have to command-E to get to an edit. Or if I right click and select “Get Info” I have to click a button to edit. 2 clicks to get to edit. It should just put me straight into edit mode in the first place in order to enter new events. As soon as I pick “New” I should be there. That means what used to take me one click now takes me a minimum of 2, or up to 3.

Also, when I do get to the edit screen, and tab through, when it gets to the date/time it skips on the first time entry to AM/PM and skips right over hours and minutes, and if I keep tabbing it skips down to the hours on the end time. What the heck? How am I supposed to edit the hours/minutes on the start time. Tabbing skips right over those. So now my fingers have to leave the keyboard and go to the mouse. I don’t want to have to pick up the mouse in the middle of entering keyboard data.

The week view doesn’t seem any better to me, or day view. I can’t see any way to start a new event in the middle of one that already exists, unless I turn off all my other calendars? But I want to see my other calendars, so I can see what’s going on. The fact that I’m working doesn’t mean my daughter can’t have Tae Kwan Do class during that time. How do I enter from the week calendar a new event that starts in the middle of my work day? :(

I’m very unhappy with these changes in iCal 3. PITA. You have made things more difficult for me and I don’t appreciate it. Hiding data isn’t helpful. Bleah.

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  • OK, here’s a problem. X11 doesn’t run any more, and so I re-installed (or installed?) it from the developers tools package on the Leopard install disk. And it doesn’t run. It starts to launch, but it never makes it all the way to residing as an icon in the Dock. And if I take the Activity Monitor and view the processes, they appear to be running, but they’re not accessible to me to use in the usual way (though the OS GUI). If I force kill them from the Activity Monitor they relaunch. Spooky.

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