Cute gimmick for remembering the Quadratic Formula

So I have a friend who’s taking College Algebra/Pre-calc right now. And she was talking to me about what she’s currently studying in the class, which is parabolas. Graphing them, etc. And she told me she knows how to find the roots to the equation…she uses this:

Never Bet Big unless you have 4 aces to play

“Never Bet” is the negative b. Big is the b^2. Unless is “plus or minus”. 4 aces is the 4ac. And “to play” is the “2a” in the denominator.

Well, I always love finding these little gimmicks to share with students. In my experience, very few students actually have trouble remembering the quadratic formula (after they’ve done enough homework problems with it). But these kind of little memory devices are kind of fun and they enjoy them.

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