Changes in Leopard iCal

So, on August 24, 2008 I upgraded to Leopard. Been wanting to, but wasn’t sure it was going to end up providing me with all the functionality I needed. Anyhow, had a near fiasco on that Sunday, where Tiger let me drag my own home directory into the Applications folder. Yikes. Talk about my computer [...]

Create an ISO image on your Mac

For Tiger OS, but probably works for Leopard, too. This is a method I saw on a Slashdot page regarding making an ISO disk image, and it completely works from the Terminal application. I tried this in order to make a copy of a DVD from Jennifer’s teacher on the class’ “Famous American” presentations. For [...]

Put a Movie on your Website

If you have your own website, and want to put your own movies on it, one way is to use a third party free service, such as YouTube or Google Video. But what if you don’t want to use a third party service like that with the accompanying advertising? Well tonight I learned how to [...]

Python question on sending e-mail msg

I’m trying to use your example code for sending an e-mail message with Python. I’m getting an error message and I assume I’m missing something very simple and basic, but I can’t see it. The code I enter into IDLE and the results back are as follows: >>> import smtplib >>> smtpserver = ‘’ >>> [...]