Bread Making – with Machine or Without

So something I’ve been doing more and more, lately, is more cooking and baking. I have a page over at There you can see my recipes and reviews and photos and so on. So bread making is one of the big things I’ve been trying lately. I’ve actually made yeast bread four times now. [...]

Roasting Fingerling Potatoes

Recently at the Farmers Market in Claremont on Sunday, I bought a small 1-pound bag of fingerling potatoes. (There is a small booth there that seems to specialize in these.) So, now I had to find a good way to cook them…

Oatmeal Complete Pancake Recipe

OK, these are at least healthier than your typical Bisquick pancakes (which is what we always USED to make in our house….) It uses ingredients that are from Trader Joe’s…their brand of Instant Complete Oatmeal and their Multigrain Baking & Pancake Mix. I’m sure you could use any instant oatmeal packet and other brand of [...]