Crazy hard bodyweight and other exercises

Here’s a YouTube Video with lots of crazy hard stuff. Many variations on push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, crunches. Some exercises require a Swiss ball or pull-up bar, but many of them require no equipment.

Definitely something to watch when you need inspiration or something to get you out of a rut or inspire you to go to the next level.

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L.A. County Ocean Lifeguard Swim Test

So today I tried out for L.A. County Ocean Lifeguard. There is a swim test, which is the first of 4 gates you have to get through in order to get the part-time, summer job that is being offered.

The swim test is a 1000 meter ocean swim. It’s basically a race to get a chance for an interview for the job (the interview is gate #2). Today there were 340 people signed up for the swim test (the most they have ever had) and 284 actually showed up and did the swim. The top 120 finishers were getting an interview slot.

I was excited to do this swim. I thought I had a chance to make an interview. Research I’d done online showed that most swimmers who make it to the interview round complete the 1000 m swim in under 20 minutes. I can (sometimes?) do that distance in less than 20 minutes. I found out about the swim test 3 weeks before the test date, and I thought if I trained and tapered smart, I could do it. I hoped I might even make it in 18 minutes. I completed the online job application by the deadline of Sept. 21st and then a couple of weeks later got a mail per U.S. post with a letter of admittance to the swim. Swim check in at 7 am in Santa Monica at Santa Monica Lifeguard Headquarters. Read the rest of this entry »

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On my failure to show up for Dryland Mon. June 11th

Hey Coach,

I will not be at dryland tomorrow morning. I crashed my bike today. Yes. Again.

I seem to like riding fast and aggressively. That’s all I can figure. My friend Albert says if I would have just let him pass me this wouldn’t have happened. I said if he would be a gentleman and let me win, it wouldn’t have happened. Of course, even if he let me “win” I would still ride as fast as I could just to show him how much I could beat him by.

Anyhow, four miles out from the finish of the L.A. River Ride today, riding up the river trail to Griffith Park, Albert and I were racing each other at about 21 mph and I did not see the buckle in the pavement. Suddenly I’m in the air. And then BAM down on the ground. Albert said I made a noise (he was beside me) looked across, I was in the air and then Bam, down, and he says that when I hit the ground I just stopped and did not slide. At 21 mph on my right hip. Pretty much the same as in November, but of course much more force. Hurt much more. He says it was scary. I guess so. Wish he would have video’d it so I could see it too.

I was not able to get up and ride my bike the last four miles to the finish. In fact, I wasn’t able to walk. (The bike is OK, don’t worry. I protected it with my body.) They called a SAG truck to come pick me and my bike up and take me to the finish. I had to be carried to the truck.

I am able to sort of hobble around now (we can pretend it’s walking, but the lady in the parking lot at In-n-out asked me, “Esta bien?” and asked me if I’d been to the hospital today. So obviously, I don’t appear to be OK.)

Anyhow, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Chris didn’t see it (he was a good 10 minutes behind us) so don’t believe anything he says.

I am hoping I will be able to come to 6 pm swim on Monday night and at least move around in the pool in some kind of therapeutic manner because I don’t make a very good land mammal at this time.

And I just finished writing up my next 5 weeks’ training plan last night. Sigh.

Hoping to see you Monday night,


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Free Personal Training Sessions by Sheila

I’ve told a few people that I’m taking classes to earn my personal trainer certificate. This is something I just started actively working on in late February although I’ve been thinking about doing it for a couple of years, now. I was just never able to take the classes at the local community college…conflicted with my job schedule. Well, I lost my full-time job at the end of January, so that schedule conflict went away.

For the summer I’m apparently unemployed. The part-time teaching job I had at University of La Verne does not offer any employment options during the summer and Cal Poly never replied to me after I submitted my summer availability to them.

SOOO I have decided to take on 2-4 free clients with whom I will work as their personal trainer. You could be one of them.

Here’s the idea: I need practice writing up training programs for clients and working with clients. Maybe you want someone to help you design a training program or you’re kind of interested in having a personal trainer. Well, you could be my practice. I have several years experience writing my own training plans and I have had great improvement and good race results. I have taken several courses towards my personal trainer certificate, and two of these courses involved designing training programs. I have also done a great deal of independent reading and discussion and continue to do so.

The clients I would take on would be local to me. We would meet at least once per week face-to-face and preferably 2 or maybe even 3 times per week. A good training program includes both strength training and cardio-vascular (aerobic) activities, so it would be my recommendation to have both types of activities in your training plan. What we would exactly come up with would depend on your goals. If you want to train primarily for a running race, walking event, triathlon…we would put together something to help you in that respect. If you want general fitness, we would put something together for that. Basically, it’s up to you.

I’m also willing to offer diet and nutrition advice and support. I’m not any kind of registered dietician or nutritionist. But, again, I do read a lot on these topics and have a fairly clean diet myself and am lean. I’ve been through the whole calorie-counting thing (several years back when I wanted to lose 20 lbs). I’ve practiced the whole diet/weight-management thing myself. So that’s where I’m coming from on that topic.

If you’d like more details or are interested in setting up an appointment, contact me at

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Building Blocks of Performance

If you are serious about being competitive, improving your performance, achieving your best results, then you know you have to fuel properly, get plenty of sleep and rest, train smart, hydrate. There is a good article about this on that I was just reading today:
Building Blocks of Performance

What is most interesting to me, is the paragraph near the end where he talks about an NCAA athlete who was performing at national competition levels, took ONE weekend off to party with college friends, and required 2 months to get back on track and return to previous performance levels. Aiyee!

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Getting Ripped Abs

Six-pack abs. Or at least ripped abs. How to get them? Well, it’s really a combination of exercises–both cardio and strength training–plus diet. Eat lean. Burn calories. Build muscle. Peel the fat away. See the results. Here’s a very nice 2-part article on the topic, which not only discusses the above in more detail, but also suggests a number of good core exercises to target all 4 of your abdominal muscle areas, as you need to develop all four to see the results you want and crunches alone will NOT do it.

How to get a flat stomach like an Ironman Champ (part 1) –
How to get a flat stomach like an Ironman Champ (part 2) –


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Training for Cold Water Swims

Not that I am training for any cold, open water swims at the moment. But saw this article on the FINIS Blog, with a number of tips on how to train for such an event, plus comments from other readers, and want to save this link. I suspect that I will do the La Jolla Rough Water Swim again next year. I did it this year. Water temps were in the low 60s and no wet suits permitted. Definitely bears some thinking on how to get prepared for it next year. Thankfully I was only in the water for 38 minutes this year, and hopefully next year even less, but the cold did take a toll on my body.

Training for Cold Water Swims – 9 Tips You Need to Know | The FINIS Blog

Follow the link above to see the article on the FINIS Blog.

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Inspirational Moments for Autistic Boy

Great video from a high school basketball game when a young autistic boy gets a chance to play. Gives me chills.



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Good Core Videos from Rocky’s Gym

So Rocky’s Gym in Santa Cruz has some nice Yelp reviews. Looks like a good place to check out if you’re from that area.

My friend posted one of his YouTube videos on Facebook. Looks like an excellent core exercise that I am going to have to try.


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Guerilla Cardio – When You’re Short On Workout Time

So here’s a nice article on about fitting in some intense cardio in a short window of time when you don’t have time for a longer cardio workout. Looks like a good alternative to just skipping the cardio. I want to keep this in mind for days when I need to fit something in but don’t have much time.

Your 12-Minute Cardio Workout Plan |

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