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First Run in my FiveFingers

So when I was in Boston last week, I bought some of the Vibram FiveFingers KSO style shoes. My intention in buying them was to use them for running. Advice from the Barefoot Running Forum suggests transitioning to these shoes from regular running shoes very gradually.

So today I went out for my first run in these shoes. I wanted to do 4 miles today, and I thought I’d do the first half mile in the FiveFingers and then switch it up to Read the rest of this entry »

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Big Sur International Marathon Blog Review

Here’s a nice review of this race. Photos make the scenery look fabulous. I am definitely doing this one some day.

{ i * h e a r t * r u n n i n g }: Big Sur Marathon Race Report


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Triathlete Swim Workout from

So here is a swim/speed workout from that I might try out in the coming weeks as I prepare for my first triathlon. I’m about 6 weeks out. Will be doing the San Dimas Express Tri on June 7th.

One of My Favorite Fast Swim Workouts |

It does look kind of hard. Well, tomorrow I am going to do my first swim workout in a couple of weeks, and I just hope to get in 1000 meters at any speed, really.


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L.A. Area Trail Race in June

Well, I will not be doing this event this year, but perhaps another year…


Here’s a race review by someone who ran it

Quadrathon’s Blogspot: Valley Crest Half Marathon

Seems like a challenging event. Plenty of uphill/downhill…

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