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A Couple Pictures from Boston


OK, I still haven’t written up my race report from the Boston Marathon 2009. It’s coming…I feel it’s coming soon. But anyhow, I got a bug to just post a couple pictures today of some famous runners I got to meet during my time there.

My running club had given me a signed copy (signed by members of my club) of the book Duel in the Sun about the Dick Beardsley vs. Alberto Salazaar race in 1982 at the Boston Marathon. A riveting book, which I had only started reading when I got the opportunity to have Dick, himself, sign my book also at the Boston Expo.


Dick Beardsley signs my book

Dick Beardsley signs my book



Dick is SOOOO nice. He posed for a shot with the hubby and me:


Sheila, Chris & Dick Beardsley

Sheila, Chris & Dick Beardsley

Then on the day after the race, Tuesday April 21, 2009, we happened to go to the Bill Rodgers Running Center, and the man himself was there. We bought a poster that he signed, and also he signed the book 26 Miles to Boston for us and then he posed for a picture with us. Also a very, very gracious man.


Chris & Sheila with Bill Rodgers

Chris & Sheila with Bill Rodgers


It turns out I probably crossed the finish line within seconds of Bill Rodgers, but I was so wrapped up in my own finish, I didn’t notice. Or maybe he got whisked away by his support crew.

I also got to meet Bart Yasso at the Boston Expo and got a signed copy of his book My Life on the Run, but didn’t get a picture on that one. I haven’t started to read that one yet, but daughter and hubby have both read part of it and really like it and have read passages aloud to me.

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Boston Links, Info, Tips…

I’ve recently begun using Twitter and am following a lot of sports-oriented types, such as @runnersworld, @activenetwork, and various other sports-minded individuals. This is neat, because I’m getting lots of quick info related to my particular interests, such as preparing for this coming Monday’s Boston Marathon.

Actually, I’m being inundated with info. Besides the Twitter source, my better-half is also researching how we’re going to approach this whole adventure (he, my daughter and parents will be spectator support crew), and he’s sending me links in email. And I’m even finding a few on my own. I don’t have time to read it all, but I want to! Here are some of the links I’ll have to check out later… I’m saving them here for my own reference …

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Boston Marathon Tips

So, in 7 days I’m running the Boston Marathon.

Here’s an interesting article my husband found for me with tips on preparing for and running the Boston:

Boston Marathon, Tips to get you to the Finish Line

I haven’t read the whole thing, yet, but the suggestion to bring a mattress or make your own out of garbage bags and rolled up newspapers for reclining on during the long wait in the “Village” is certainly nothing I’d ever have thought of on my own.

Will read the rest later…

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