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Sufferfest Bike Trainer Videos

So my friend @TriBeccaTO reviewed these Sufferfest bike trainer videos. They sound like quite a workout! Something to keep in mind for this winter’s training for sure.

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Bike GPS logging and tracking web sites

So I saw this tweet today:

 Anybody ever use ? Worth signing up for an account?

Someone responded as such:

@misterfonzie haven’t seen that one before. This one has been talked about on cycling podcasts lately,

Well, the site definitely looks like it’s worth checking out. Although I already log all my stuff to and also And another log isn’t all that appealing. But if it offers the right features it might be worth it. Looking to get into more riding. Might be worth it to hang out at a cycling-specific site. I’d like to do at least two century rides in 2012. Probably Tour de Palm Springs (which I did last year) and the Solvang Century Ride.

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Share the Damn Road

Great cycling shirts with a message for motorists:

Custom Cycling Jerseys. Click the tabs to navigate. | Share The Damn Road

I like the one that says, “Don’t Honk at Me.” I’ve had several cases of motorists honking at me lately. Like, I’m pedaling as fast as I can and I will move out of this lane at my first opportunity, believe me!

Anyhow, gonna have to buy some of these shirts.


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Exchange between a cyclist and a motorist

Yesterday after I got off work I took a ride on my bike. There’s a local 14-mile loop that I ride regularly. It takes me westbound on Temple Ave in Pomona towards Cal Poly Pomona University. The streets I ride are generally fairly busy, depending on the time of day, and cars travel 45-50 mph and faster. Most of this route has a bike lane available, but not all of it and some of the streets without bike lanes are narrow although they have 2 lanes for motor traffic in each direction.

So last night about 6:30 PM as I road west on Temple approaching Valley Blvd a motorist in a large SUV whizzed past me in the left lane, honking, and then swerved just ahead of me into the right lane where I was riding.

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Cycling Drills

Here’s an interesting article at that discusses some good cycling drills to help you learn better control on your bike. I really like some of these suggestions and am sure it would help me to practice them:
Bike Handling Clinic: Drill That Skill

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