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Newton Running Shoes

So there is something of a buzz surrounding the new Newton running shoes. They have a unique type of construction and design, and are designed to promote forefoot running. They also have a sizeable price tag.

Here is a video from their company that explains the idea:

It is a good video but one thing that is funny about this video is they run in barefeet and then tell you to put shoes on to help you run as though you were barefooted. Why not just run barefooted if that’s so good for you? I know, I know, some people have concerns about that too. I just think it’s kind of a funny point in the video.

Well, I bought a pair of these Newton shoes on Wednesday and just took them out for a short run today. Read the rest of this entry »

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More comments on Vibram Five Fingers

So more updates on my Vibram Five Fingers experiences since I last posted on the topic

In May I did do several runs in my Five Fingers, even switching to running exclusively in them. I did short runs of about 4-6 miles twice a week, and longer runs of 8-13 miles once a week. I ran a 5K race in them in June. I thought I would be able to do my July 4th 5K in them.

Problem was that I started having some pains in the top of my right foot again. I do not believe this was from the Five Fingers. This was a pre-existing issue I’d had since February, that seemed to have gone away but then came back. This was an issue I developed before I’d ever bought my Five Fingers or even considered barefoot running.

In order to resolve my pains in the top of my right foot, Read the rest of this entry »

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First Run in my FiveFingers

So when I was in Boston last week, I bought some of the Vibram FiveFingers KSO style shoes. My intention in buying them was to use them for running. Advice from the Barefoot Running Forum suggests transitioning to these shoes from regular running shoes very gradually.

So today I went out for my first run in these shoes. I wanted to do 4 miles today, and I thought I’d do the first half mile in the FiveFingers and then switch it up to Read the rest of this entry »

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Vibram FiveFinger Shoes – I got some!

So quite a while back, I had talked about the FiveFinger shoes. Well, at the Boston Marathon Expo, Vibram had a booth and I got to try some on. Got some advice, got some pointers on where to buy them for less (City Sports in Boston).

So I bought a pair. Got them for $60, which is pretty good (they were having a sale: a buy 1 pair of shoes, get the second pair for half off…my mom bought some sandals and we split the $40 savings on my shoes).

Here are a couple of YouTube videos on the shoes:

YouTube – Outdoor Retailer ’08: Vibram Five Fingers

YouTube – 5-Finger Shoes?

I got the KSO style. I tried on the Sprint, but it rubbed my feet a little bit uncomfortably in a couple spots. The KSO style felt more comfortable for me. The “Classic” wasn’t recommended to me, since it doesn’t have a strap to keep it from coming off while running, and the Flow wasn’t available at City Sports, but given that it’s for cooler weather, I don’t think I would have wanted that anyhow.

I’ve worn them a bit the last few days, and done some short sprints in them (couple hundred yards, maybe?). My plan is to start running in them. But according to the Barefoot Running forum at, one wants to ease into this slowly. So probably I will just run a half mile in them tomorrow and see how it goes.

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Running Almost Barefoot

So here is some intriguing footwear that I might like to try out at some point. I saw someone running with these in the Orange County Half Marathon in Jan. 2008.

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

Here are some additional articles on this topic or related ones…

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You Walk Wrong

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