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Share the Damn Road

Great cycling shirts with a message for motorists:

Custom Cycling Jerseys. Click the tabs to navigate. | Share The Damn Road

I like the one that says, “Don’t Honk at Me.” I’ve had several cases of motorists honking at me lately. Like, I’m pedaling as fast as I can and I will move out of this lane at my first opportunity, believe me!

Anyhow, gonna have to buy some of these shirts.


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Newton Running Shoes

So there is something of a buzz surrounding the new Newton running shoes. They have a unique type of construction and design, and are designed to promote forefoot running. They also have a sizeable price tag.

Here is a video from their company that explains the idea:

It is a good video but one thing that is funny about this video is they run in barefeet and then tell you to put shoes on to help you run as though you were barefooted. Why not just run barefooted if that’s so good for you? I know, I know, some people have concerns about that too. I just think it’s kind of a funny point in the video.

Well, I bought a pair of these Newton shoes on Wednesday and just took them out for a short run today. Read the rest of this entry »

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Should I Buy a Mail Order Tri Wetsuit?

So I am planning to buy a tri wetsuit at some point this summer. I’m always the cautious type, who generally buys from local vendors (rather than mail order), especially clothing, so that I can try it on and make sure it fits. But this is such a good deal on a wetsuit… regularly $400 for half price ($199). Seems like good quality. XTerra brand. On sale until late June. 30-day money back guarantee, and size switch options/guarantee. I’m usually between 115-117 pounds (trying to take it down a few) and 5’3”, so I just fit into the WS size, on the borderline really with WM.

Vortex 3 Fullsuit $199 (Reg. $400)

I’m so nervous about choosing the wrong size or something that doesn’t fit me right. I’ve never tried on ANY wetsuit before, nor obviously swum in one. What should I do? Buy this one? Or give it a miss and go to a local tri shop and get fitted for one there? Help? Advice?

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