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Warmup Exercises for Running

It’s a good idea to warmup and cool down before and after your runs. Can’t say I always do this…probably should. Also good to incorporate some stretching into your routine. I like yoga, actually. But even stretching immediately after the run is good. Sometimes I have periods where I’m really consistent and do this after all my runs for a while. Then I get away from it. I’m away from it right now, partly because my schedule is just so packed. I’m starting to notice IT band issues on the left again. I’m going to have to get the foam roller out and use it more. Ugg.


Anyhow, here’s a very nice warmup video from the blog. You might want to view the whole blog post that goes with the video, as it has extra information and details.

The Standard Warm-Up: Video Demonstration

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Injury Prevention – Exercises for Runners

Here is the first in a series of videos on the website, that shows exercises to do to help prevent injuries. These look like some I’d personally be interested in try. Lots of core, balance, and leg-strength emphasis.

The Prone March (Never Get Hurt, pt. 1)

The rest of the series should appear on the page when following the link above.


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