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Inspiration. To move. To be active.

Here’s a video about an amazing journey that a young man made, to become active and healthy. While I have certainly not made a comparable journey, the reason that I choose to be active is the same as his: To be happy. An active life-style makes me feel good, makes me healthy, makes me happy.

Anyhow, this is a great video. Inspiring.

You can visit this young man’s blog at

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Race Schedule August 2009-March 2010

OK, I’ve finally made some decisions about my racing schedule. Since I just finished the San Francisco Half-Marathon this past Sunday, I found that I had not signed up for any further events, nor did I have any training schedule.

Not to worry. I did a 6 mile bike ride yesterday. And today I did my own triathlon: 1500 meter ocean swim in 45 minutes; 3 mile run in 23 minutes; later in the day 14.8 mile bike in 1 hr 6 minutes on a hilly course. Tomorrow I will swim laps at the pool.

Anyhow, I do need to sign up for events and put together some more training. And I’ve finalized my events up through March 2010. Here they are:

Aug. 2, 2009 (Sun) 5K Paws for Cause

Aug. 16, 2009 (Sun) Hansen Dam Triathlon

Sep. 13, 2009 (Sun) Oxnard Splash-n-Dash (I think the long course)

new -> Sep. 27, 2009 (Sun) Mighty Mermaid Triathlon Santa Cruz (olympic distance)

Oct. 11, 2009 (Sun) Long Beach Half Marathon (completes my California Dreaming award)

Nov. 7, 2009 (Sat) Catalina Triathlon

Nov. 26, 2009 (Thu) 10K Turkey Trot at Dana Point

Feb. 7, 2010 (Sun) Surf City Half Marathon – I think I have to do this every year. I’m a legacy runner for this race.

Mar. 7, 2010 (Sun) Napa Valley Marathon

Mar. 21, 2010 (Sun) Los Angeles Marathon

Apr 23-34 (Fri-Sat) Ragnar Relay L.A. (Santa Barbara to Dana Point)

OK, so I have to get my credit card out and start registering for some of these. And tomorrow I’m going to have to hunker down and start writing my training schedule for at least through November 2009. That is always so much work.

So, from no events to 9 events. Really, though, I’ve been thinking about most of these for a long time. Just hadn’t committed to the registration and written out my training plans. Working on it, working on it!

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Electrolyte and Refueling Products

Today on Twitter someone mentioned SaltSticks as one of the products she plans on using for this weekend’s upcoming Eugene Marathon. She really likes this product, says she uses 3 per race. So, hubby ordered some today and we will probably be trying them out in the warmer weather as we train this summer for the San Francisco Half Marathon (1st half).

Other interesting products also mentioned…

Endurolytes tablets.

Nuun. electrolyte beverage.

The nuun looks really interesting. I will want to try that too. 

The athlete I was following says she takes GU at miles 5, 10, 15, 17…and 20. Plus some of the saltsticks tables (3 per race) and nuun. I don’t know how she can eat that much GU during a race, and that late in the race, too! I  usually take Clif Bloks at miles 4, 9, 13, 17 and then that’s about as much as I can handle. I have trouble after mile 20 digesting anything. Plus, my understanding is that carbohydrates eaten after mile 20 don’t even get processed in time to do any good before the end of the race. GU makes me nauseous.

For marathons and extra long training runs, especially in warm weather, I had been using the margarita flavor of Clif Bloks, because they have a much larger salt component. It has seemed to work, but these other products look interesting and I will try them out.

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Big Sur International Marathon Blog Review

Here’s a nice review of this race. Photos make the scenery look fabulous. I am definitely doing this one some day.

{ i * h e a r t * r u n n i n g }: Big Sur Marathon Race Report


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Tough lady athlete

I’m following @smellycents on Twitter. She ran the Boston Marathon on Mon. Apr. 20, 2009 and today she just ran the Big Sur International Marathon in 3:52. Big Sur looks like a heckuva tough course. In a week she’s running the Eugene, OR full marathon. Wow. I’m blown away.

Here I am, 6 days after having run the Boston Marathon myself, taking it easy and recovering. I’m not saying I’m sitting on my butt. I did run 3 miles on Thursday, and 6 miles yesterday. Today I took a leisurely bike ride with my spouse and daughter. Oh, and I started the program. Today I completed Week 1, Day 1, column 2.


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L.A. Marathon, here I come! (Take 2)

OK, so I’m off to run the L.A. Marathon tomorrow morning. Will be away from the computer until late on Monday. This will be my 2nd time running the L.A. Marathon and my 3rd marathon overall (I also did the Long Beach Marathon this past October). So my goal is to just go out there and have a good time and not worry about my finishing time. Wish me luck! See you later, Sheila


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