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Inspirational Moments for Autistic Boy

Great video from a high school basketball game when a young autistic boy gets a chance to play. Gives me chills.



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Inspiration. To move. To be active.

Here’s a video about an amazing journey that a young man made, to become active and healthy. While I have certainly not made a comparable journey, the reason that I choose to be active is the same as his: To be happy. An active life-style makes me feel good, makes me healthy, makes me happy.

Anyhow, this is a great video. Inspiring.

You can visit this young man’s blog at

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Motivational and Effective Running Tips

From 27 tips for better running, better motivation for running, better injury prevention/treatment.

27 Ways to Run Better Every Day |

I especially like:

#8: recommendation for cross-training. Cross-training has benefitted my running immensely.

#19: Take a trip. This is what we do. We plan a few trips each year around races we’ve entered.

#20: Stay flexible. Yes! Stretch, do yoga or pilates. It’s a must!

See link above for the rest of these very good tips.

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