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Spiderman Pushups!!!

Wow, these look tough! I will have to try these sometime. The link goes to a video on with a demonstration of the exercise. Basically it’s a standard pushup but when you go down you also take one of your feet off the ground and move the knee of that leg towards the elbow of the arm on the same side while bending the leg.

Just watch the video at this link:

Exercise of the month: Spider-man push-ups

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First Run in my FiveFingers

So when I was in Boston last week, I bought some of the Vibram FiveFingers KSO style shoes. My intention in buying them was to use them for running. Advice from the Barefoot Running Forum suggests transitioning to these shoes from regular running shoes very gradually.

So today I went out for my first run in these shoes. I wanted to do 4 miles today, and I thought I’d do the first half mile in the FiveFingers and then switch it up to Read the rest of this entry »

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100 Pushups?

So here is an interesting website with a pushups program:

Maybe after the marathon I should consider doing this? Similar in concept to the beginning running program I did, as well as the “swim a mile” program I did. Basically, start out at a low number of pushups, do workouts three times per week to do more pushups, increasing at a slow number per week. Eventually you can do 100 pushups. Might take longer than 6 weeks, but hey…probably not much longer. Depends on whether you have difficulties and have to repeat any weeks. You’re still getting stronger in any case.

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