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L.A. County Ocean Lifeguard Swim Test

So today I tried out for L.A. County Ocean Lifeguard. There is a swim test, which is the first of 4 gates you have to get through in order to get the part-time, summer job that is being offered.

The swim test is a 1000 meter ocean swim. It’s basically a race to get a chance for an interview for the job (the interview is gate #2). Today there were 340 people signed up for the swim test (the most they have ever had) and 284 actually showed up and did the swim. The top 120 finishers were getting an interview slot.

I was excited to do this swim. I thought I had a chance to make an interview. Research I’d done online showed that most swimmers who make it to the interview round complete the 1000 m swim in under 20 minutes. I can (sometimes?) do that distance in less than 20 minutes. I found out about the swim test 3 weeks before the test date, and I thought if I trained and tapered smart, I could do it. I hoped I might even make it in 18 minutes. I completed the online job application by the deadline of Sept. 21st and then a couple of weeks later got a mail per U.S. post with a letter of admittance to the swim. Swim check in at 7 am in Santa Monica at Santa Monica Lifeguard Headquarters. Read the rest of this entry »

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My First Swim Meet

Today there was an “All Comers” swim meet at Mt. SAC where I participate in the Masters Swim program. It was open to anyone who wanted to swim: high school, college, masters or club swimmers. Anyone. Entry fee was $5 and swim as many of the 13 scheduled events as you like. Today’s meet was distance format on a Short Course Yards course. They had a sprint format one in October but I had to work that day so could not attend. I would have MUCH preferred the sprint one.

Weather was cruddy today. Cool and raining. Not many people showed up for the meet. 17 total competitors. I heard that the sprint format meet last month had a lot more. Five of today’s swimmers were older: ages 48-69. I was in this group. The remaining twelve were very young: ages 17-24. Notice the huge age-gap.

I arrived at the pool at 8 am. Louis, my coach, asked me what events I would swim. I had picked the 200 yard freestyle and the 500 yard freestyle. He said we could start warming up. The meet was supposed to begin at 9 am. I swam about 500 or so yards in warmup. Most of it slow and easy. A couple of short 25s a bit harder with faster arm turnover. And some practice on my flip turns. I’ve been learning flip turns for 2 weeks now, and they are passable but not very good. Before the meet started I also got a chance to practice a dive off a starting block. I’ve never done that before. Louis just said to make sure I tuck my head down, which I did. No problem. Read the rest of this entry »


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Orange Country Triathlon – Race Report

So on Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010 I did the Orange County International Triathlon. This is an Olympic Distance triathlon, which officially means swim 1500 meters, bike 40K (24.9 miles), run 10K (6.2 miles). The swim was in Lake Mission Viejo and the bike and run in the surrounding hilly areas. However the distances in the actual race course for this triathlon, as with most others, varies from the “official” distances for an Oly Tri.

We went down to the race expo and packet pickup the day before at about 1 pm. And that’s when I found  out I had to set up my T2 (Transition 2 area) the day before the race. In other words, that very day. I had not brought any of my running gear with me. No shoes. Nada. So we had to drive back home, get that stuff, and come back. I guess next time I shall read the emails better.

Fancy T2 marks

Turns out Chris had some sidewalk chalk in the trunk of the car, so I copied other people’s idea to mark my transition spot (I was lucky my spot was on the paved trail and not in the dirt like some of the others). My markings were much more artistic than the others. They did help the next day with locating my rack space at the end of the bike. Basically, I put my running shoes and a cap in the Walmart bag, loosely wrapped, on my bath mat. Didn’t want the stuff just sitting out in the open overnight.

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O.C. Triathlon Brief Race Day Summary

So here I am in the pink cap, center front of the photo, running out of the swim.


Today I did the Orange County International Triathlon. An Olympic distance triathlon. I want to post a full race report, but the full results are not available yet, so I’m just going to post a brief summary for now. The official splits for the race results will not be available until Wednesday morning, which I cannot believe. In this day and age, the technology should make this much faster. Certainly tomorrow they should be available. Oh well. My Garmin 305 malfunctioned at the start of the run, but between time stamps on pictures my hubby took plus my final race time and what I could get from my Garmin, I have approximate information.

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