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Free Personal Training Sessions by Sheila

I’ve told a few people that I’m taking classes to earn my personal trainer certificate. This is something I just started actively working on in late February although I’ve been thinking about doing it for a couple of years, now. I was just never able to take the classes at the local community college…conflicted with my job schedule. Well, I lost my full-time job at the end of January, so that schedule conflict went away.

For the summer I’m apparently unemployed. The part-time teaching job I had at University of La Verne does not offer any employment options during the summer and Cal Poly never replied to me after I submitted my summer availability to them.

SOOO I have decided to take on 2-4 free clients with whom I will work as their personal trainer. You could be one of them.

Here’s the idea: I need practice writing up training programs for clients and working with clients. Maybe you want someone to help you design a training program or you’re kind of interested in having a personal trainer. Well, you could be my practice. I have several years experience writing my own training plans and I have had great improvement and good race results. I have taken several courses towards my personal trainer certificate, and two of these courses involved designing training programs. I have also done a great deal of independent reading and discussion and continue to do so.

The clients I would take on would be local to me. We would meet at least once per week face-to-face and preferably 2 or maybe even 3 times per week. A good training program includes both strength training and cardio-vascular (aerobic) activities, so it would be my recommendation to have both types of activities in your training plan. What we would exactly come up with would depend on your goals. If you want to train primarily for a running race, walking event, triathlon…we would put together something to help you in that respect. If you want general fitness, we would put something together for that. Basically, it’s up to you.

I’m also willing to offer diet and nutrition advice and support. I’m not any kind of registered dietician or nutritionist. But, again, I do read a lot on these topics and have a fairly clean diet myself and am lean. I’ve been through the whole calorie-counting thing (several years back when I wanted to lose 20 lbs). I’ve practiced the whole diet/weight-management thing myself. So that’s where I’m coming from on that topic.

If you’d like more details or are interested in setting up an appointment, contact me at

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Getting Ripped Abs

Six-pack abs. Or at least ripped abs. How to get them? Well, it’s really a combination of exercises–both cardio and strength training–plus diet. Eat lean. Burn calories. Build muscle. Peel the fat away. See the results. Here’s a very nice 2-part article on the topic, which not only discusses the above in more detail, but also suggests a number of good core exercises to target all 4 of your abdominal muscle areas, as you need to develop all four to see the results you want and crunches alone will NOT do it.

How to get a flat stomach like an Ironman Champ (part 1) –
How to get a flat stomach like an Ironman Champ (part 2) –


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Good Core Videos from Rocky’s Gym

So Rocky’s Gym in Santa Cruz has some nice Yelp reviews. Looks like a good place to check out if you’re from that area.

My friend posted one of his YouTube videos on Facebook. Looks like an excellent core exercise that I am going to have to try.


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iPhone App for tracking workouts

Here’s a new app I recently bought for my iPhone to track my strength training workouts.

Gym Buddy

(It’s available in the App Store.)

I will be trying it out for the first time tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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Goal Failure on Pullups

Well, so I had decided I wanted to be able to do pullups. Well, at least one to start. I made this decision in November. I knew it would take me a while to work up to it. But with all the swimming I had been doing, especially the Masters swimming that I started in June, my upper body was stronger than I ever remember it being. And I was also doing some upper body strength training. It really seemed like a good time to go for the pullup.

I got some ideas from the Fifty Pullups site and also from the article on Mistressing the Pullup. I couldn’t do even the Week 1 program on the Fifty Pullups site, but I decided to pick some exercises and just keep doing them and at least make some progress. And I picked a date. First day of spring 2011. March 20th 2011. By that day I wanted to be able to do at least 1 pullup unassisted.

So the exercises I picked to work on were: Assisted pullup machine. Pullup position max hang with slow negative pullup. Lat pull downs. Modified (Australian) pullups. Also I have the stretch resistance chords for practicing swim stroke, which uses lats (latissimus dorsi … the muscles used for good, hard swimming and in pullups), so I do that sometimes, too. When I’m at home I do dumbbell pullovers on my weight bench and dumbbell rows. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spiderman Pushups!!!

Wow, these look tough! I will have to try these sometime. The link goes to a video on with a demonstration of the exercise. Basically it’s a standard pushup but when you go down you also take one of your feet off the ground and move the knee of that leg towards the elbow of the arm on the same side while bending the leg.

Just watch the video at this link:

Exercise of the month: Spider-man push-ups

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First Run in my FiveFingers

So when I was in Boston last week, I bought some of the Vibram FiveFingers KSO style shoes. My intention in buying them was to use them for running. Advice from the Barefoot Running Forum suggests transitioning to these shoes from regular running shoes very gradually.

So today I went out for my first run in these shoes. I wanted to do 4 miles today, and I thought I’d do the first half mile in the FiveFingers and then switch it up to Read the rest of this entry »

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Injury Prevention – Exercises for Runners

Here is the first in a series of videos on the website, that shows exercises to do to help prevent injuries. These look like some I’d personally be interested in try. Lots of core, balance, and leg-strength emphasis.

The Prone March (Never Get Hurt, pt. 1)

The rest of the series should appear on the page when following the link above.


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100 Pushups?

So here is an interesting website with a pushups program:

Maybe after the marathon I should consider doing this? Similar in concept to the beginning running program I did, as well as the “swim a mile” program I did. Basically, start out at a low number of pushups, do workouts three times per week to do more pushups, increasing at a slow number per week. Eventually you can do 100 pushups. Might take longer than 6 weeks, but hey…probably not much longer. Depends on whether you have difficulties and have to repeat any weeks. You’re still getting stronger in any case.

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