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First Swims in my New Wetsuit

Me on the left, Nina Twitter friend on the right, before Santa Monica Ocean Swim.

Me on the left & Nina (Twitter friend) on the right at Santa Monica Ocean Swim.

So I bought an xTerra Vortex 3 last Friday, June 26, 2009. And I was eager to try it out. Wanted to make sure it fit properly and was easy to move around and swim in it. So I planned to go to Huntington State Beach on Monday and get in a short ocean swim.

The original plan was to hit the beach before noon, short swim, picnic lunch with Jenny on the beach, play and relaxation time before heading home. Unfortunately, due to a comedy of errors, we didn’t actually get to Huntington until 3 PM. I talked to the Life Guard briefly, put my wetsuit on, and ventured out.

In watching the surf before I suited up, the breakers hadn’t looked too large to me. So about 20 minutes later I was wading into the surf. Life guard had said water temp was 62˚. It didn’t feel cold to me at all, especially with the suit on. Waves still looked ok, and I proceeded out to my chest. I felt the cold water coming through the suit at the zipper on the back. Just interesting, not a problem. Kept going and got out past most of the breakers. But there was one row left to get past, and they seemed pretty big. I was not comfy with it. I decided to go back in and try ocean swimming in my suit another day.

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In Which Sheila Brings Home a Wetsuit for Keeps

At Moonlight Beach in Encinitas after Wetsuit Purchase 


Jenny at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas after Wetsuit Purchase

So I’ve been going back and forth over the whole wetsuit thing for a while now. To buy one or not? Finally decided to buy one. Then which one to buy? And how to buy? Or to rent? 

Basically, I plan to do enough tris that rental costs would add up quickly and be more than a purchase price. Plus I want to have the suit available to me for practice and to become comfortable in it. And even though I have a few friends who’ve done a number of tris with no suit, I have so many people encouraging me to get one not just for warmth, but for bouyancy as well, that I decided to go ahead and buy.

Early in June someone on Twitter posted a sale link to xTerraWetsuits. Half price deal on some of their popular, top-of-the-line suits (sale ends June 29, 2009 but Read the rest of this entry »


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Wetsuit adventures or Sheila vs. The Wetsuit

So as a result of one of my previous posts/questions here about whether to buy a wetsuit online or mailorder, I was urged by several people on Facebook and Twitter to NOT do that and to go to a local shop and try suits on. Someone else also suggested using as a good alternative to try a suit and have the rental fee go towards the purchase of a used suit. Which sounds good.

So today I went to the San Dimas location of Incycle Bikes. I called first to ask if I could come in to try on wetsuits, and they said, “Sure.”

When I walked in I was asked if I needed help by the same guy I’d talked to on the phone. He sized me up visually and decided I should wear an xsmall. Which kind of surprised me, because Read the rest of this entry »



Should I Buy a Mail Order Tri Wetsuit?

So I am planning to buy a tri wetsuit at some point this summer. I’m always the cautious type, who generally buys from local vendors (rather than mail order), especially clothing, so that I can try it on and make sure it fits. But this is such a good deal on a wetsuit… regularly $400 for half price ($199). Seems like good quality. XTerra brand. On sale until late June. 30-day money back guarantee, and size switch options/guarantee. I’m usually between 115-117 pounds (trying to take it down a few) and 5’3”, so I just fit into the WS size, on the borderline really with WM.

Vortex 3 Fullsuit $199 (Reg. $400)

I’m so nervous about choosing the wrong size or something that doesn’t fit me right. I’ve never tried on ANY wetsuit before, nor obviously swum in one. What should I do? Buy this one? Or give it a miss and go to a local tri shop and get fitted for one there? Help? Advice?

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